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We buy all types of single family and multifamily houses. We have seen it all.
At JR Quigley we pride ourselves on making the sale of your house both easy and comfortable. The fact that our offers are cash and without contingencies means you can rest assured that your house will be closed quickly and easily. Our team has done hundreds of houses and even bought many “unsellable houses”.
We can buy your house with the tenant in place and the process can be completed without any inconvenience to your tenants.
JR Quigley never charges any fees and you have no obligations during the offer process. In addition, JR Quigley will never sell or share your personal information.
Absolutely, when it comes to buying houses our goal is for it to be beneficial for all parties involved.
As cash buyers, we can close as soon as the title work is completed (in 3-5 days), but the average is typically 2 weeks. We can also work with you if you need extra time to move, remove personal contents, scheduling conflicts, etc…
When you sell to JR Quigley, the sale will always be as-is so you will never be required to make any repairs or do any clean up/ clean outs.
No matter where you live, JR Quigley title companies can facilitate the closing no matter where you are.
No, you will not have to pay out of pocket before closing. The only circumstance in which a seller would need to pay anything at closing would be the sellers transfer tax and if the offer is lower than the amount owed to mortgage(s), taxs, liens, etc…
All these items are settled at closing and taken out of the seller’s proceeds. Therefore the seller is not required to pay before closing.
All situations are unique. Fortunately JR Quigley offers a variety of solutions to solve virtually any problem.
At JR Quigley, our offers do not contain any contingencies. Many house buyers put clauses in their contracts that allow for them to back out of the transaction or change the price/terms.