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Construction Services FAQs

Where are you located?
JR Quigley is located at 513 Horsham Rd Horsham PA 19044
How long has JR Quigley been in business?
JR Quigley has been in business since 2013.
Are you licensed and insured?
JR Quigley is licensed in Pennsylvania. We carry liability, disability and worker’s compensation insurance with total coverage of $2.5 million. Sure it may seem excessive; and yes, that policy was difficult and expensive to get, but we believe our clients should have complete peace of mind when we are working in their home.
What is your license number?
JR Quigley 's license number is PA147860. You only want to work with a contractor that is licensed. When you have a contractor’s license number, you can call the commonwealth of Pennsylvania and confirm that the license number is valid and up to date.
Can you provide references?

Yes we can! Give us a call and we will gladly give you our last 3 clients contact information so you may contact them.

How much do estimates cost?
Our consultations are free of charge whether at your home, or place of business. Usually our labor proposals are free too. There are exceptions to this last rule, however, which would be discussed with you during your free consultation.
What payment methods do you accept?
JR Quigley accepts cash, checks, home equity checks and money orders.
Do you provide a warranty on materials purchased from JR Quigley?
We pass on the manufacturer’s warranty for all materials we purchase for our clients. Some of these are lifetime warranties.
Can you help with the design phase of my project?
Yes. In fact, if all you want us to do is design your project, we will do that for you. By working with JR Quigley, you can take full advantage of our process, which breaks down remodeling into various components. Therefore, you can use us for design, purchase materials from us, and all the construction. Or you can use us for any individual part(s).

Home Buying FAQs

What types of houses do you buy?
We buy all types of single family and multifamily houses. We have seen it all.
How does the process work?
At JR Quigley we pride ourselves on making the sale of your house both easy and comfortable. The fact that our offers are cash and without contingencies means you can rest assured that your house will be closed quickly and easily. Our team has done hundreds of houses and even bought many "unsellable houses".
What if my home is currently rented?
We can buy your house with the tenant in place and the process can be completed without any inconvenience to your tenants.
Are there any obligations or fees to get a cash offer?
JR Quigley never charges any fees and you have no obligations during the offer process. In addition, JR Quigley will never sell or share your personal information.
Can I get a fair offer for my property?
Absolutely, when it comes to buying houses our goal is for it to be beneficial for all parties involved.
How soon do you close?
As cash buyers, we can close as soon as the title work is completed (in 3-5 days), but the average is typically 2 weeks. We can also work with you if you need extra time to move, remove personal contents, scheduling conflicts, etc.
Do I need to make any repairs?
When you sell to JR Quigley, the sale will always be as-is so you will never be required to make any repairs or do any clean up/ clean outs.
What if I live out of town, out of state or out of country?
No matter where you live, JR Quigley title companies can facilitate the closing no matter where you are.
Will I have to pay anything before closing?
No, you will not have to pay out of pocket before closing. The only circumstance in which a seller would need to pay anything at closing would be the sellers transfer tax and if the offer is lower than the amount owed to mortgage(s), taxs, liens, etc.
What if I have liens or back taxes?
All these items are settled at closing and taken out of the seller’s proceeds. Therefore the seller is not required to pay before closing.
What if I’m behind on my mortgage payments?
All situations are unique. Fortunately JR Quigley offers a variety of solutions to solve virtually any problem.
What guarantee do I have that you will close on my house as offered?
At JR Quigley, our offers do not contain any contingencies. Many house buyers put clauses in their contracts that allow for them to back out of the transaction or change the price/terms.
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